a good Personal trainer

How to recognise a good Personal trainer?

Nowadays there are tons of good Personal trainer up there so It can be daunting and hard to find a right one. Before reading this, I hope you know why having a Personal trainer can be a great help for you. So In these article we are going to talk about different points to help you to decide how to recognise a good Personal trainer.   A PT has certificates They should have the right Read more…

How to eat healthy and avoid sugar

How to eat healthy and avoid sugar

You see these donuts up there. Don’t look at them. Read the article instead.   Would you be good if you could eat healthy and avoid sugar? Are you asking yourself why some people are fit and healthy and why some are not? My guess for you is healthy people are just unsociable and when someone ask them to go for a beer and eat some nachos with a nice pizza. They just say: « No, Read more…

Benefits of exercise while minimising the risks

How to Get the Benefits of Exercise While Minimising the Risks

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health — but it can have a dark side. Too much exercise can lead to physical injuries, stress, and poor sleep, to name but a few problems. Of course, the amount that constitutes “too much” differs from person to person. The trick here is to work out in a safe way while boosting the body’s ability to recover from exercise between sessions. Read more…

Lack of Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D during the winter weather? Our solutions

Tired, sick, lacking Vitamin D during the winter weather? At this period of time, you can hear everywhere that, especially with the temperature change, but what does it really mean? What are the risks associated with a deficiency or a lack of Vitamin D? How to protect yourself, even during the cold autumn and winter weather?   What is Vitamin D?   First of all, it is essential to know all the properties of this Read more…

super foods

5 superfoods, our plant-based selection

Diet plays a crucial part in the pursuit of a healthy life and a strong health. Thus, people often advise to consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, for their nutriments and vitamins inputs. However, some foods have more benefits than others. They are what we call superfoods. We find a huge number of them, so we would like to introduce to you our small plant selection.


1 / Avocado, champion of good fats


super foods


Very popular these past years, this fruit does not demerit its belonging into the Super foods family. It is a true source of monounsaturated fats. Fulfilling more than 20% of the daily needs in folic acid, its fat inputs protect the heart while fighting against bad cholesterol.

The avocado, thanks to its richness of oleic acid (monounsaturated fats), transmit to the brain the feeling of satiety. Thus, an American study has showed its effects after consuming half an avocado in the morning. It would reduce the feeling of hunger for a long time (between 3 and 6 hours). Be careful, do not over eat it, especially if you are trying to lose weight, because it is still quite fat.


A good alternative to replace butter in your sandwiches is to use a crushed avocado. It will bring you just as much fat as butter while remaining healthy.



2 / Lemon, your asset for a slimming diet


Lemon is one of the best superfoods which can help you to lose weight in many ways. On one hand, thanks to the pectin inside its fibers, it acts as a natural appetite-suppressant. On the other hand, its Vitamin C stimulate your digestion, allowing you to assimilate much faster what you have eaten. (more…)

Why starting a new routine in September?

Starting a new routine in September may seem like a bit of a throwback to the new year’s resolutions. Indeed, it is usually during this period of the year that we choose to change our habits. We decide to stop smoking, eat better, lose some weight, etc. However, in the majority of cases, these decisions do not survive the end of the month. Yet, as you may have noticed, starting a new healthy routine in Read more…

get back into exercise after holidays

How to get back into exercise after holidays?

As you must have realized, it is not always easy to get back into exercise after holidays. Indeed, we quickly lose our good habits like going to work out and maintaining a good diet. Holidays are indeed an open door to “fatty food” and alcohol. This often has effects on our physical state. Indeed, back home, it is not uncommon to feel a bit heavy, clumsy and lacking of energy. This condition is usually caused Read more…

the plank

The Plank l How does it help and how to do it?

The holiday season is still here, and even for a little longer for some people enjoying their  holidays in September. It is generally during this period of time that we want to show ourselves to others at our best, and to be able to enjoy this moment without any complex. However, if you have to refine your silhouette to be able to show your beautiful flat stomach or your abs on the beach, it is Read more…