Are you looking to do some sport to improve your cardio?

You might be want to practice some sport to feel healthier.

Or maybe you’re looking to burn fats with cardio?

Note that’s actually good because with cardio, you will burn fats and lose some weight at the same time.

But now, you can ask yourself how to improve your cardio?

The answer is simple, all sports are able to do it, but some more than others.

So, in this article you’ll read about what are the best sports or activities that can improve your cardio to feel better with yourself.

To note: Sport is great to improve your cardio and your overall health. Also it can help you to meet people and make some friends.


1) Running

First of all, running is one of the best sports to improve cardio and on top of that it can be easy to do.

Indeed, it’s not complicated to run. You just have to find a park, or you can also practise it in the street.

For this sport, you don’t need a gym or any sports facilities.

Just a pair of sneakers, that’s it!

In addition to improve your cardio, running works the abdominal packs, the back and the lower body in general.

Finally, you just need to have the motivation at the beginning and to keep it to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

To know: if you run over 10km/h, it’s one of the activity that will burn most of your calories.

TIP: Find a good pair of running shoes to protect your body of injuries or pains. To stay motivated or to just have the motivation, you can find a buddy to run with you.

sports to improve cardio run


2) Practising Martial Arts

When your practise some martial arts, you will work all your body. They strengthen your muscles, hone your balance and improve your cardio at the same time.

If you can hold a full one-hour session, you will burn a lot of calories and therefore improve your cardio.

TIP: If you have a friend which is practising some martial arts, ask if it’s possible to try with him. You will see how it will make you work and how you will be out of breath from the first session.

sports to improve cardio arts


3) Swimming

More than to be a complete physical workout, swimming is an awesome sport for your heart and a low-stress activity.

So therefore, it is one of the best sports to improve cardio.

A good way to improve cardio with this activity is to keep swimming as longer as possible, and for that you can try all the swimming strokes like the breaststroke or the backstroke.

This complete sport will enable you to feel all the health benefits of practising sports.

TIP: If you like swimming, even if you just do it sometimes, take a pass that will allow you to have 10 entries. This system exists practically in all swimming pools and it will motivate yourself to go more often.

sports to improve cardio swim


4) Playing Racket Sports

Racket sports in general like squash, tennis offer rigorous workouts because of the quick exchanges. When you play racket sports, you realize small movements, but they are really fast like sprints, pivots and others.

Indeed, you burn energy in short but powerful bursts with strengthen legs and arms.

Moreover, you can burn 600 calories while playing one hour.

TIP: If there is a racket sport you like and one of your friend as well, try to practise it with him. After your first session, you can take the habit to always plays with this friend.


5) Rowing

It exists two ways to row: on a river or in a gym. If you already go in a gym, we recommend you to do some row because it exercises all your muscles.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be outside and you would try a new activity, it exists some clubs for rowing.

Another benefit is that rowing will sculpt your arms and back, and it will boost your metabolism in the meantime.

TIP: When you are in the gym, try to row for 10 minutes before using machines.

sports to improve cardio row


6) Playing Basketball

Basketball is another sport which will improve your cardio with the endurance.

Furthermore, it is strengthening all your body, develop stronger bones and this is great to get to a better health as well.

One of the only constraints like for other team sports, is that you need many other players.

So, the best way to practise it if you like this sport is to join a basketball club.

TIP: Get a ball, find a court. You’ll could meet some people playing in it. Then you could play with.

sports to improve cardio basket


7) Cycling

This sport works the legs and it can be effective for burning fats and calories if you would step on those pedals hard.

Moreover, it could be one of your choice to change the speed of your bike to make some more efforts.

It could also be beneficial for you to ride uphill to get to a higher intensity.

In general, when you cycling it lasts a long time. That’s why you will improve your endurance and your cardio at the same time.

sports to improve cardio cycling


8) Playing Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is also one of the healthiest sport, so one which will improve your cardio as well.

When you’re playing beach volleyball, you’re under the sun and you lose even more calories. Moreover, it’s a low-impact sport because of the sand.

It conditions all the body (pecs, shoulders, arms, back, core, calves, thighs).

So finally, to play regularly will enable you to improve your cardio.

TIP: Even if you can’t play all the year, when you’re in holidays with friends or family, don’t wait a minute to go to play with other persons on the beach.


Some other activities

It exists other activities or sports to improve cardio. For instance, skipping rope which is often used to improve your capacities for other sports.

Also, skiing is another sport that can improve your cardio but it’s not necessarily an activity you can practise all the year.

Rollerblading, gymnastics are also part of them.

And finally, go to the gym to tone-up your body will increase muscles, cardio and will enable you to lose fats and weight as well. Depends of the intensity you put in.



To sum up, there are many different sports you can practice to improve your cardio.

These sports will burn calories, so therefore fats and weight.

They will enable you to reach a healthy lifestyle whatever it is: if it’s a team sports like basketball and volleyball or if you will be alone like running or swimming.

In addition, we really advise you to practice them with friends or to meet people for that. For instance, to have a partner to play squash, tennis, or all other sports because it can be cool to work with someone else and to stay motivated as well.

Are you ready to begin a physical activity?

It’s your turn, now! Pick up one and enjoy.

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