Many of you are not sure about what kind of food can contain healthy sources of protein. A lot of people are just thinking about chicken or turkey and at some point, they can be fed up to eat the same things daily.

Also for vegetarians, vegans, and people who want to consume fewer animal products, there are some other great sources of healthy protein in some food.

This is the reason why we give you here a list of different great healthy sources of protein.



Egg is a pure healthy source of protein. It’s known as one of the best for many people. One egg has approximately 6 grams of protein. It’s known as complete food since it has protein but also good fats found in the yolk. Moreover, it’s a food that suits different types of diets such as vegetarian or ketogenic diet.

Eggs can be used to make an omelet for a morning breakfast or for lunch. Like any product, if you want to be super healthy, check the source, and make sure you get good organic ones.

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Great healthy source of protein, chicken is also one of the best known. For 30gr of protein on 100gr of chicken, this is the kind of food very healthy to put on your diet. Chicken is also low in calories as it’s containing almost just protein. Of course, remove the skin to don’t eat the fat.

A lean white chicken with some asparagus or green beans can be a great healthy meal for dinner.



Soya is a great source of protein known by the ones who don’t eat animal protein. This one is actually great as they made tofu and tempeh which are 2 types of food used to replace meat. There has also a nice taste, so very good to have a try.

Soybeans can contain as much protein as chicken. Around 30gr for 100gr. They also contain a good amount of healthy fat which can be one of the most nutritious food to eat for a healthy living.



Almond, walnuts, macadamia, Brazilian, and all types of nuts have protein in it. There have healthy fat and healthy protein. That’s the reason why there are perfect healthy snacks to be eaten daily.

As they contain a lot of calories, if you try to reduce or maintain your weight, check your portion. One handful of nuts a day can be a right and safe amount. Don’t hesitate to vary the pleasure as each one of them has different health properties.



Pumpkin, flax, chia seeds,…. as their friends nuts, they all contain protein and healthy fat. There is great to put in smoothies or salads.

As nuts again, mix them as each one of them has different tastes and health benefits.



Lentils are known as a great source of iron. One which can be missing for many people who suffer for low energies known as anemia. So it’s definitely recommended to eat some from time to time.

There is also a great source of vegetal proteins and healthy carbs. They can also be one of the most dense-nutrient foods as beans and quinoas.



All types of beans contain healthy carbs and proteins. They are great to fill your body up with energy and the right nutrients.

Part of healthy living, there are well known between healthy people.

Also, as you can find them in bulk, they can be a great food to buy from zero waste shops. As that you’ll use less plastic which can make you healthy at the same time as protecting the environment.



Containing all nine essential amino acids that the protein is created from, quinoa is a great source of healthy protein. They are also part of a healthy diet, as their friend beans and lentils there are also containing healthy carbs.

Great to build muscles and having energy then.

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Great food for having a healthy breakfast. Oat is a healthy cereal. Like everything, it’s better to have some which come from a nice source. Buy them organically with no GMO.

With some healthy plant-based milk, a bit of banana, and honey, they will fill you up nicely in the morning and give you the proteins needed for your body. Put some seeds on it and there you go, you have a nice combo.

Tip: oatmeal can make some people sleepy. If it’s the case for you, eat it as a dessert early in the night. This way you’ll enjoy a sweet meal and you’ll sleep peacefully after digesting.



A lot of vegetables have protein. However, broccoli is one of them which contains the most.

Broccoli isn’t just one of the best healthy food giving you vitamins and minerals. It also gives you protein for your muscles and your brain. Finally, adding broccoli in your meals allows you to have volume meals to be satiated.



Tuna, salmon, white fishes, and any type of fish are great sources of healthy protein. Combined with nice vegetables they can be part of a great healthy meal.

Check the source again if you want to be supra healthy, by making sure they come from a nice environment.

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Now you can enjoy all these different healthy sources of protein. Mix them and have a healthy diet for a healthy lifestyle.


Image Top Best Healthy Sources of Protein by Sunday133 from Pixabay 

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