The blood flow is necessary for your good health. It has to always work to be able to supply all parts of our body. However, it can become more difficult with age, especially for blood to move up from the feet and legs to the heart.

On one hand, a decrease in blood flow can cause illness or muscle pain, and cramps. That’s why we are often told to do exercises.

There are the reasons why you have to make it work by doing exercises, and also by eating good healthy foods.

On the other hand, some people, often the most active may want to increase their blood flow for better athletic performance, which is particularly the case for athletes.

So after having talked about the best food for workouts, let’s now talk about foods to increase your blood flow and how to implement them into your consumption.


Food to increase blood flow


1/ Tomatoes

foods to increase you blood flow tomatoes

Research had just proved that tomatoes open up your blood vessels and improve blood flow and circulation at the same time.

Moreover, tomatoes can reduce inflammation and disrupt platelet aggregation that is important for blood coagulation. All these facts improve blood circulation.

One of the nutrient content in the tomato can delay the arrival of cardiovascular diseases as well.

TIP: Try to eat salads for lunch as much as possible because it’s one of the healthiest meals and add tomatoes to it.


2/ Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains very good nutrients for better health and therefore better blood circulation.

So, it increases the blood vessel dilation like tomatoes, but also the blood flow in the coronary artery, which supplies blood to the heart. It was shown by studies on animals.

Then, by relaxing your blood vessels, cinnamon can reduce the blood pressure in your body. In this way, it keeps you healthy.

TIP: If you tolerate this taste, you can add a bit of cinnamon to your breakfast or healthy snack.

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3/ Berries

foods for blood circulation

Berries, in general, are especially healthy and one of the best foods to increase your blood flow.

You should know that inflammation can damage blood vessels and raise blood pressure. These two facts will cause circulatory problems. To counter this, berries have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities which will have a positive impact on your blood flow.

So, the consumption of berries can lower blood pressure, platelet aggregation, heart rate, and inflammation in your veins.

TIP: Eating berries instead of a sugary dessert can be a good way to improve the blood flow by removing sugar which can be very healthy as well.

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4/ Onions

Like the berries, onions are an excellent source of antioxidants. Thus, they are beneficial to help your arteries and blood vessels to increase blood circulation.

Studies have shown that taking a few quantities of onions every day for a month significantly improved blood flow with artery dilation.

They also reduce inflammation, which will boost the blood flow, your heart health, and of course your health in general.

TIP: Add a few slices of onions to your meals when you can. This is not a bad thing because it will give a little more taste to those.


5/ Beetroots

foods to increase you blood flow beets

Additionally, you must know that beetroots are high in nitrates which will relax your blood vessels and increase the flow of blood at the same time.

It’s well-known that athletes supplement their meals with beetroot juice to improve their performance. This juice improves the oxygen flow in muscle tissues, stimulates blood flow, boosts your metabolism, and increases nitric oxide levels.

Furthermore, beetroots also help older persons with circulatory issues. That’s why there are some of the best foods to increase your blood flow.

TIP: Beetroots can be good complements into healthy smoothies. So, if you feel hungry, don’t hesitate to make a smoothie with beetroots.


6/ Ginger

foods to increase you blood flow ginger

Thereafter, ginger can also lower blood pressure and improve circulation. By the way, that’s the reason why Indian and Chinese people use it for traditional medicine.

It was proved by studies that ginger reduces high blood pressure in both animals and humans. And people who consume the most ginger had lower risks of developing important blood pressure.

That’s good to know right?

TIP: For some people, ginger can be too spicy that’s why you can mix it in juices or with other foods. Having ginger tea can be a great option as well.


7/ Fatty fishes

foods to increase you blood flow salmon

Fatty fishes like salmon or mackerel, are excellent because they contain an important source of omega-3. Not only being especially good for circulation, but they will also help you to lose weight.

Omega-3 fats help to inhibit the clumping of platelets in your blood as well.

Moreover, fish oil supplements will allow you to reduce high blood pressure and improved blood flow in muscles during and after practicing exercises.

Some studies proved in 10 healthy men that taking high doses of fish oils daily improved blood flow to the legs after exercise.

TIP: You can replace meats with fatty fishes for all these benefits. And you will have enough proteins as well for compensating with meat.

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8/ Walnuts

walnut to increase bood circulation

Eating walnuts may reduce inflammation, blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. These facts can actually be really helpful for people having diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you can often have circulation issues, high blood pressure; and walnuts and nuts, in general, contain a lot of vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid (an antioxidant). These two components are really going to help you.

It was shown that out of about 30 people with diabetes, those who ate nuts regularly every day significantly improved blood circulation. So eventually, it’s one of the best foods to increase your blood flow, and especially if you have diabetes.

TIP: If you’re hungry during the mid-morning or afternoon, we recommend you eat some walnuts as a healthy snack.


9/ Citrus fruits

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and all of them contain vitamins but also antioxidants and flavonoids.

These flavonoids can reduce the inflammation in your body, which will reduce blood pressure at the same time.

Additionally, regular consumption of citrus fruits has been associated with reduced blood pressure and a decreased risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

You can discover here some other benefits of lemon.

TIP: If you like lemon, don’t hesitate to add some to your drinks or to fish. It’s also really healthy to start your day with a glass of water and lemon it.

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How to increase blood flow

As seen in this article to keep great blood flow and a healthy lifestyle at the same time, you can exercise yourself but try to pay attention to what you eat.

There are different types of foods that can improve this blood flow and reduce the pressure. For instance, spices like ginger and cinnamon, many fruits and vegetables like berries, tomatoes, onions, and beetroots. These foods are especially advised if you have diabetes or if you’re getting older.

The goal for you is just to keep a classic healthy diet, eat veggies and fruit, and try to implement these certain foods into your daily life.

So now, you know what foods you can add to your meals to improve your blood flow!


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Have a healthy life.


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