How can a personal trainer help you in life

how can a personal trainer help you in life - PT with client

Personal trainers can be seen as new health experts who can help you in life. As you might know, personal trainers have knowledge related to physiognomy and physiology. However, that’s not all. A good personal trainer can also be passionate about health, well-being, and nutrition. Some of them can be seen as life coaches. Like […]

Best healthy and fit ideas that you can gift for Christmas

healthy and fit gifts christmas gift

thChristmas is around the corner. So you might have to look for some perfect gift to offer. What about providing healthy and fit assistance to your friends or family? As a wellness company, we might have some good suggestions for you. Here is our list of healthy and fit gifts to offer.   Offer a […]

6 Benefits of Breathing Exercises

benefits of breathing exercise - woman breathe

Breathing is one of the most natural essential needs of our body and we know exactly this fact since we were young. The principle is simple: inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Nothing is easier than this. However, practicing regular breathing exercises can turn out to be very beneficial. Yoga, meditation, and relaxation are perfect […]

How a personal trainer can help during pregnancy

Personal trainer for Pregnancy

Have you thought of having the help of a personal trainer during your pregnancy? At Pret-a-Train we have helped many women to stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy. So we understand the reason why it can be good to help with a PT. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that most women go […]

Winter Exercise: Tips to Maximize Training in the Cold

winter exercise - couple running

What is winter exercise? We have seen a massive rise in indoor workouts (especially at-home workouts) over the last two years. Lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions made a lot of people rethink the nature of fitness and exercise. With the rules eased up in a lot of places, we don’t have to stop working out […]

Getting healthier in Autumn: 7 healthy options

getting healthier in Autumn

Here comes September. The autumn season will point out after this heavy summer. When we change seasons, we often feel tired or sick. After a period of holiday, rhythm, and temperature change, we tend to be a bit disturbed. This is why I was thinking about giving you options to get healthier in Autumn, and […]

Aim to remain fit after 40- do not slow down just yet!

stay fit after 40 - man running

Congratulations! You have successfully made it past 40. You’re almost there, with a perfect career and life after long years of constant struggle. So are you thinking of giving yourself a break? It may be early retirement, so you can sit back and relax. You are almost done with life, aren’t you? Not so fast! […]

Top 6 functional movement patterns for your training routine

functional movement pattern - deadlift

Complicating exercise has never been easier. From blood flow restriction exercises to sprint-interval training and kettlebell flows, there always seems to be a newer, more complex trend in the fitness industry every few weeks with a sure-shot label of guaranteed results. But let’s not get carried away with all the hype every time a new […]

The Different Types Of Personal Training Services

Types of personal training services - 2 personal trainers

There are different types of personal training services based on your physical conditions, health, and lifestyle. Finding a personal trainer is easy. However, there are different types of services for different needs and they will depend on your goals. This means that you can find a personal trainer based on your physique goal, your health […]

9 Best Foods to Increase your Blood Flow

Food to increase blood flow - agrumes

Blood flow is necessary for good health. It has to constantly work to be able to supply all parts of our body. However, it can become more complex with age, especially for blood to move from the feet and legs to the heart. On the one hand, a decrease in blood flow can cause illness, […]