From the beginning of the Pret-a-Train era, my team and I have created a lot of articles to help you to become healthy. 

That’s right, as our value shows, Pret-a-Train has been created to help people to become healthy, and this is why we do our personal training, and into our writing on this blog or some other then. 

In this list, you can find some from my personal blog and some from NewairzPick up one or a couple who talks to you and read a bit with a nice tea or drinks. 


Here’s the list of all the articles for you to become healthy:


Healthy what is and how to be?

It’s important first to understand What does healthy means. Also, understand the difference between being healthy and being fit. As you can be fit but not healthy.

These kinds of articles for you to help you to become healthy will make you understand that and tell you how clearly you can become healthy.

From Pret-a-Train:

What does being healthy really mean


What’s the difference between being fit and being healthy. What you can do to be both

The present moment to be healthy

How you can be fit and healthy

Why being healthy is the basis of everything


Tips to be healthy:

Here you can find a guide which has been successful and has been read many times. It’s the tips we give to the people we coach, we’ve been putting them into the guide. However, as our world is always changing and evolving we create another update for after 2020. Because a guide is not always easy to follow, we create some little tips for you to become healthy. Being healthy takes time and little by little you can be.

Guide to adopt a healthy lifestyle

How to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020

Best easy lifestyle tips

5 healthy summer tips


One simple tip to become healthy





Eat healthy:

Obviously, to be healthy you need first to eat healthy. This is one of the pillars to become healthy. So this part will teach you how to eat healthy. Read that guide below as you’ll understand what’s the macro and micro nutriment but don’t worry in a simple way. You’ll also find an article to help you to do your grocery list as it can be intimidating to go into the supermarket and know-how what to put into our shelves. The guide will also help you read the labels of food.

How to eat healthy – The concise guide on nutrition


Healthy foods to put on your grocery list


Healthy recipes:

Then It will be good to have some recipes for you to become healthy. There are some easy to do. Unfortunately, we don’t have to compile a lot here. But by just doing small research online I’m sure you’ll find what you need. Especially after having understood all the base of healthy nutrition and how to build and organize a healthy meal that you can find below.

Best healthy smoothie recipes

Our recipe for a healthy breakfast


How to organize and build your healthy meal

Easy quick healthy recipe – Veggies


Healthy foods:

Top best sources of healthy carbs

Best healthy sources of protein

3 junk foods will actually make you healthy

Best healthy snacks

Healthy anti-stress foods that you can’t live without

Healthy foods to lose weight

From Newairz:

Healthy foods containing good fats


Routine to be healthy:

To be healthy it can be just a matter of habits. All healthy people have habits and routines that make them healthy. So this part will be for you to find “your” habits, to find “your” routine as everybody is different. This is why you’ll find many for you to help you to become healthy step by step. So don’t rush being healthy takes time. 

Tips for a healthy morning routine

Tips to find a healthy sport routine

Realistic healthy routine to make your life better


Habits to be healthy:

Easy habits to make you healthy that you can start now

How to develop new healthy eating habits

From Newairz:

Other healthy habits that you can start now


Healthy environment

In Pret-a-Train we strongly believe that by being healthy you can actually save the planet. So, we then invite you to discover how by being healthy you can actually help people around and also the planet as a whole. We did also some articles on Newairz on how you can reduce food waste and how you can cope with heatwaves, as unfortunately, with global warming our summers is hotter and hotter.

From Newairz: 

How being healthy can save the planet

Healthy ways to reduce food waste

Healthy ways to cope with the heatwave


Healthy fights

Finally, we finish with a bonus that we also create on Newairz. We had the fun to compare some ailments that we use often and make some healthy fights with.

From Newairz

Plant-based milk vs Animal milk

Salt vs Sugar

Coffee vs Tea

Water vs Orange Juice

Rice vs Pasta

Apple vs Banana

Potato vs Sweet Potato


Last Note on being healthy

As I said always, being healthy takes time. So, now you might have understood what being healthy stands for. It’s a whole thing, it’s not just about being fit. Being healthy is to be in a pure state of joy, peace, and healthiness. So hopefully these articles will sparkle the fire in you to make you on that beautiful road.

Be healthy, in joy, and at peace.


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