Integrating a regular sport activity into your daily life is important and beneficial to your health. Indeed, the sport has many benefits, including boosting your immune system and your spirit. However, it is not always easy to start sport. That’s why we present our advice to get ready for physical activity on a daily basis. By conditioning your body but also your spirit, your efforts will be rewarded faster, and you will have more fun.


Step 1: Educate your body

Your body is intelligent, it will be able to adapt to how you eat, exercise, or to your lifestyle in general. He constantly seeks to renew itself, to sort information received during the day.
To get ready for physical activity, it is essential to listen to your body. Indeed, despite the fact it adapts quickly to your activities, it is very tiring. In order to counter that, give it a strict framework so that it can recover more easily. This includes habits and regular schedules.

First of all, always practice at the same time of the day, and preferably every day. This is very important. Indeed, your body will quickly recognize these moments and will be more effective to provide you with that energy spike you need.
Of course, during your physical preparation, it is also interesting to surprise your body. Going out of your comfort zone by working at different times will allow you to be able to have intense energy at any time of the day.

However, the training routine must remain a basis. Similarly, having fixed slots is not just about time to do sport. This is also the case for when you take your meals, or at bedtime. Having fixed slots will allow your body to adjust its sleep cycles on your lifestyle.


Step 2: Prepare your mind

To get ready for physical activity is not trivial. This often requires a good amount of motivation. It is by being curious and interested in many things that you can find it. Indeed you need to be inspired to develop your creativity and motivation in an activity. Do your research smartly. Feel free to read books, or to watch interviews. The TEDx platform is a great way to find the flame that drives you. You can also try to talk around you with people doing the same thing to mature your project.

“Every source of motivation often comes from a source of inspiration”

In your search for physical activity, you must take into account your goals. Indeed, if you want to gain muscle mass, yoga is not really the best choice. On the contrary, if you are looking to gain flexibility, you do not need to prepare for a marathon!
To have the motivation that lasts over time, the idea is to combine your pleasure of doing this activity with a progression in your objectives! This gives you several reasons not to miss your sessions during the week. Moreover, the fact of missing one will even make you feel guilty, prompting you won’t do it again.

“Sport is a pleasure, your goals are your motivation”


Step 3: Prepare your body

After a session, it is important not to neglect your recovery. Indeed, during your session, your body will draw energy from your organism. This so it can provide fuel to the effort required. The greater the effort is, the weaker your body becomes. Your nervous system begins to decline after about an hour of work. At this point, messages from your nerve system are less effective when they try to communicate with your muscles.

That’s why it’s important to quickly recharge your sugar stocks (banana, dates, dried fruits). If you wish, you can add a portion of protein and / or vegetable fat (nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts …). For a recovery beneficial to your progression, adopt a lifestyle where you can sleep well. Indeed, during your sleep, your muscle fibers are repaired (aches). Your cells will be renewed more efficiently as well. The more you get used to the effort, the less time you will need to recover.

“Progress is made during recovery”

Diet also plays an important role to get ready for physical activity. It is therefore important to start the day well by drinking a large glass of lemon water. This will gently wake your body up and will put it in condition for digestion. As soon as you wake up, you can eat good sugars (fruits). You can also consume good fats (oleaginous, omega 3). And of course, it is not forbidden to eat a salty breakfast with salmon or eggs! In this case, keep your fruits for your snack in the morning.

Then, during your session, good hydration is the key. Prefer still water to any other drinks. On the contrary, avoid eating during or just before a session. Indeed, activating your digestive system during an effort is not recommended. Foods will not be well digested and this could lead to unnecessary bloating. If you have a meal to eat, wait until the end of your session to recharge your stocks.

“The energy of your body is on your plate”

However, you have to be careful about excesses. Indeed, your body will react to these. (tiredness, mood swings, lack of motivation, migraines, illnesses, depression …).
An overworked professional life? A social life that influences you to make a lot of excesses? Uncontrollable thoughts that keep you awake? A tendency to consume poor quality food because of lack of time? So many reasons that make your body tired. That’s why optimizing your chances to progress quickly means taking control of your life! Take a step back from yourself and all the damaging thoughts which keep you awake. Banish foods that will tire your body more than give it good energy! Finally, you can always afford a little pleasure from time to time ;).

Give your body a balance where it is possible for you to enjoy yourself on your outings. But do not forget your recovery ranges which will allow you to limit accumulated fatigue and thus to continue to progress.
Whether in your sport, on your outings, in your diet and your professional life, exceeding its limits is very harmful. You will see your progress stagnate or even regress!

“The body accepts the lack, it does not accept the excesses”

Keep your goals in mind, never give up your motivation and positive thinking.
Your body will reward you with the fulfillment of your goals and above all the pleasure of progress and accomplishment.


Be Prepared, Stay Strong!

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