Pret-a-Train is a team of qualified Personal trainers, based in London. Founded in 2017, each one of our Personal trainers is highly qualified by their diplomas and their past experiences.

This company was first developed around our values and our common desire to help people. What we are offering is a real-life change. Through sport and a healthier diet, our services give you motivation and positivity to achieve your goals.

Our Team

Our team creates highly personalised programs which take into account the health of each one of our clients.

Personal trainers are well trained and qualified to follow all types of chronic pain and other health problems.
Thanks to our listening and our very active communication with our customers, we are able to offer them adaptation depending on their feelings after each session.

Always looking for the best services, we create projects that we can’t wait to share with you. They can be organized around events and meetings about healthy meals, group classes and others.

Our Services

Our services are focused on weight loss and muscle strengthening to treat chronic pain. Our Personal trainers have already taken care of clients suffering from back pain, asthma and others.

Our pedagogy can be adapted to everyone but is unique for each client. With our wise advice and unwavering support, it’s in your hands to become the best version of yourself!

Beyond The Limit

Strong to keep doing things to make the world a better place. Pret a Train has recently opened his first Health Media:


They create daily contents and articles about health and nutrition. From the experience and the question, they got from their clients. They do their best to answers to all the questions they’ve been asked and that you might ask yourself as well.

Let’s go beyond the limit.

Pret a Train is always motivated to keep his high quality of standard of Personal Training by giving all the time more values to people around.