Nowadays, people always want to be healthier and can be obsessed about losing weight.

But apart doing some exercises, eating fruits and vegetables, you don’t really know if there are many other foods that can help you to lose weight.

So, you want to eat healthy food to lose weight and feel great, but you don’t know what are the best for you?
You not necessarily need to go to see a nutritionist for the moment because we will give you a great selection of 7 healthy foods to help you to lose or maintain your weight.


1st healthy food to lose weight: Eggs

Firstly, eggs will help you to be healthier. There are parts of the few good fats that you can eat for losing weight. That’s due to their rich contenance in protein and essential nutrients.

Fat takes more time to digest than starchy food.

So, eggs will regulate your hunger and at the same time your weight because you will not necessary feel the need to eat after eating these.

TIP: Make some eggs for breakfast, that will help you to regulate your appetite during the all morning. Better than eating cereal which will disappear quickly in your body.

2nd healthy food to lose weight: Cruciferous vegetables

You probably always hear that vegetables are good for your health. Certainly, is it but better are the cruciferous ones like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout and cabbage.

Sorry if you don’t like their taste, however, these ones are high in fibre, so more nutritious and can definitely fill up your satiety.

TIP: Get some of these on each of your meals, you will get all their great nutrient plus it will last for long.

healthy food to lose weight broccoli

3rd healthy food to lose weight: Nuts

All types of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts or also walnuts are fats but it’s not what you think. There are parts of good fats. These nutty snacks contain a lot of protein and there are rich in vitamins as well. Again, these ones will help to feed your hunger easily.

TIP: If you are very hungry in the mid-morning or afternoon, we advise you to eat a handle of nuts to feed yourself more and better than other snacks.

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4th healthy food to lose weight: Leafy greens

This type of vegetable (spinach, collard, kale and few others) bring you other nutrients than normal ones. There are low-carb loaded but contain a lot of fibres which are beneficial for the weight loss.

There are very nutritious and very high in vitamins as well, there are natural fat burner.

TIP: Add these types of healthy food to lose weight in your meal on the side to have all of the benefits and feel better.

Funny note: Our CEO loves to eat spinach like if he was eating crisps because they are great food. Always here to feel the hunger on a quick way.

healthy food to lose weight spinach

5th healthy food to lose weight: Salmon

Salmon, others fatty fish’s and sea food in general, are healthy and will allow you to not be hungry during many hours. It contains proteins and it keeps your metabolism running well.

It also reduces the inflammation, which is proved as a cause of obesity. Therefore, it’s a great healthy food for losing weight.

TIP: It can be a good idea to prepare salmon steak with leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables for instance. To have even more benefits you could add some lemon on this fish. Plus, the taste is great. Salmons are also part of the most nutritious foods.

healthy food to lose weight salmon

Whole grains

Certain types of cereals can actually be healthy like quinoa, bulgur or buckwheat.

These ones possess fibres which can help to increase your metabolism and better your health. They have a big amount of resistant starch.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to take whole grains and reduce other types of cereals like pasta as they are not food which can help to lose weight.

TIP: You could prepare some in advance to add some of these in your salad to make it more satisfying for your stomach.


7th healthy food to lose weight: Apples

The Welsh proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” recap well all benefits of apples. Indeed, apple controls your weight, boosts your immune system, reduces cholesterol, risks of diabetes, …

There are only advantages to eat this fruit, so what are you expecting?

TIP: Apples are the best snacks or thing to eat when you are a bit hungry.
So, don’t hesitate to bring some at work for example.

Also, it’s very hard to eat 2 apples in a raw. As this you can understand the power of an apple.



Now, you know what are the 7 healthy foods to lose weight and what you can prepare for your next meals.
Also use some of the tips that we have been given to you to make you healthier.

You have many possibilities to mix appropriate vegetables with good fats to have the perfect meal!
It could be more difficult to respect eating these healthy foods when you are outside. So, prepare some in advance and bring some with you in a lunch box at work and anywhere you need to go.

Your next step after knowing what are the 7 healthy foods to lose weight will be to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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