We often hear about the influence of positivity on personal development. However, it is often difficult to understand the effects. Thus, when we ask the question “What do you want in your life?”, the vast majority of people are questioned to answer the same thing: “I want to be happy !”. This universal wish is expressed by the desire of everyone to feel good about themselves, to be realized. To reach this state, the importance of positivity is often underestimated. Indeed, it is one of the steps to complete in order to reach that state. It allows apprehending life, professional or personal, with new eyes.
No more “I can not do it”! The first step to realizing your dreams is just to believe in them!

So let’s see 5 easy tips to develop your positivity on a daily basis.


1 – Positivity: a mindset matter

Positivity is the first process that you build with yourself. The first step to start this life change is your vocabulary. Instead of defeatist sentences, try to encourage yourself instead. And the best in all of this? It can work in both professional and personal life. For the simple reason, that positivity is everywhere!

Being aware of your abilities is also very important because it gives you the means to move forward. Here is a simple exercise to develop your positivity: Sit comfortably in front of a mirror. Then, look straight into your eyes and start repeating several times with conviction that you are able to do it! You really have to believe it! Do not hesitate to repeat yourself again and again with a firm and convincing voice. It is by dint of hearing you and telling you that you will believe it!
Putting into perspective, seeing the positive even in bad times, is also very rewarding. Indeed, you can see every moment of failure as a positive experience. This will allow you to improve yourself to move forward.


Get some time for yourself

All this has to be joined with strong work on yourself. Do not hesitate to take a moment for yourself during the week. It allows you to do what makes you feel good. Afterward, it will make your life easier. These moments of pleasure can often be found in little things. It can be watching your favorite show, listening to a song, reading a book, or walking around. We also learn to pay attention to the small pleasures of our everyday life, which we tend to forget. It’s really essential because it’s enough to make a day a lot better and in the long term that will develop your positivity more and more. You’ll feel more at peace with yourself, others, and life in general.


2 – Positivity: Daily ritual

The process of positivity is daily and is realized straight in the morning. Indeed, it is by starting off right the day that we put all the chances on our side. By doing that, we prepare ourselves as well as possible for the events of the following day. A good morning routine is therefore essential for this.
Another tip is to write at the end of the day all the things that have brought you pleasure during your day. The smile of your partner in the morning, a ray of sunshine, a great smell … will put aside the difficult moments, to focus only on good times. In the morning, you can re-read what you wrote with a relaxed mind and savor these little moments of life so precious. We know some couples who exchange every evening all good things happen to them during the day, which reinforces a lot of their union and happiness.


Get some time to be mindful

Being mindful and Meditation can also help in this transformation. Take a few moments in the morning to focus on yourself, congratulate yourself, or just focus on your feelings. There is no point in hurrying, it is always more efficient to take time for thinking or to do not think. So you will make better decisions with a clear and positive mind. Taking a moment can then allow you to do what is called positive visualization. It consists of imagining exactly what you want to accomplish, the steps you must complete for this purpose. Thereafter, the goal is to achieve them by actions. Similarly, we can also do this on the activities of the day, organizing our tasks in order of priority. It is by advancing in stages that we achieve what we thought impossible.

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3 – Positivity: it also involves food

It is often forgotten, but what we eat also affects our spirit. Thus, studies have shown a glaring link between depression and poor nutrition. Several factors can explain this. On the one hand, some foods create an addiction that, if not satisfied, causes a need that can’t be fulfilled. These include coffees, energy drinks, or sugary foods. These 2 lasts causes a rise in insulin when they are consumed. However, when their effect dissipates, they make you feel quite tired.

It is, therefore, advised to eat healthy meals, which fully satisfy your daily needs. Prefer organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, or even lentils. Depending on the season, it is important to fill you up with nutrients. Also, drink plenty of water. Its consumption allows you to purge all your toxins and feel lighter. I recommend you add, for giving more taste, some lemons and ginger.

Eating healthy will clear your all functions, give you energy, and develop your positivity.

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4 – Positivity: instilled by sport

healthy plays a lot in our spirit, and therefore on positivity. If you feel tired or depressed, play sports!
Yes, it may seem contradictory, but it is actually very effective. Indeed, physical exercise allows you to make your body work while clearing your mind. The positivity happens indeed a lot by what is in your mind. More technically, an effort allows releasing into our blood system substances, such as endorphins. These are also known as “hormones of happiness”, and rightly so, because they are responsible for the feeling of well-being.

But the sport also releases stress. In fact, focusing on an exercise, seeing on a specific goal, focuses your attention on much more positive topics and therefore distracts you from factors that generate stress. Finally, practicing a sport, especially a team one, encourages the sharing of positive waves. Exerting yourself with other people creates a social bond, which is interesting to develop for sharing and having a good mood.

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5 – Positivity: care your surrounding

If positivity is firstly a personal story, our entourage plays a very important role in its effectiveness. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the vicious circle of negativity. Before even realizing it, it becomes difficult to get rid of it. The people around us, in fact, influence many of our actions.
Positivity, but also negativity, are contagious. It’s important to pay attention to our relationships, especially in regard to very toxic people. If you can not totally detach yourself from them in some cases, you must know how to step back and not be affected by them. In addition, there’s a tendency for wanting to stay with these kinds of people to help them to change. But this is useless because change can only come from the will of the other.


Your environment matters

Having good people around will develop your positivity. And because of this environment that you chose for yourself, you’ll keep being grateful and positive.

On the contrary, the influence of good people is very beneficial and helps to get off to a good start. As positivity is two-way, do not hesitate to establish a climate of well-being around you. Help others, listen to them, or even just smile. Laughter therapy has proven it, smiles and laughter increase our level of endorphin, and therefore by extension our happiness.
Showing gratitude to others can also be very liberating. Whether it’s a mentor, a loved one, or even a stranger, don’t be afraid to express yourself. By doing good to others, we spread the good waves first. It is good for others. And as a rule, the more we give our gratitude, the more we receive it. All of this creates a virtuous circle around you, and can even help your loved ones in the path of positivity.

Finally, make your environment positive by keeping positive people in your circle. Be brave enough to break off all ties with people who don’t bring you joy and peace in your everyday life. Instead, keep the ones who push you to be a better version of yourself.



To develop your positivity on a daily basis, there are many methods that can help you in this way. They are all complimentary, so do not hesitate to try them to find the ones that fit you best. Nevertheless, this list is not exhaustive, so I invite you to find out about yourself. With the rise of the internet, it has become very easy to obtain books dealing with this subject. Many speakers also lecture on the importance of positivity. I can thus advise you of the excellent book: “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, one of the essential figures of positive psychology.

Think Positive, Be Positive and Positive things will happen!