Diet plays a crucial part in the pursuit of a healthy life and strong health. Thus, people often advise consuming fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, for their nutrients and vitamin inputs. However, some foods have more benefits than others. They are what we call superfoods. We find a huge number of them, so we would like to introduce to you our small plant selection.


1 / Avocado, champion of good fats


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Very popular these past years, this fruit does not demerit its belonging into the Superfoods family. It is a true source of monounsaturated fats. Fulfilling more than 20% of the daily needs in folic acid, its fat inputs protect the heart while fighting against bad cholesterol.

The avocado, thanks to its richness of oleic acid (monounsaturated fats), transmits to the brain the feeling of satiety. Thus, an American study has shown its effects after consuming half an avocado in the morning. It would reduce the feeling of hunger for a long time (between 3 and 6 hours). Be careful, do not overeat it, especially if you are trying to lose weight, because it is still quite fat.


A good alternative to replace butter in your sandwiches is to use a crushed avocado. It will bring you just as much fat as butter while remaining healthy.

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2 / Lemon, your asset for a slimming diet


Lemon is one of the best superfoods which can help you to lose weight in many ways. On one hand, thanks to the pectin inside its fibers, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. On the other hand, Vitamin C stimulates your digestion, allowing you to assimilate much faster what you have eaten.

We also recommend it for your health on a daily basis. Indeed, lemon, consumed regularly, boosts your immune system. This makes you stronger against external attacks, and way more energetic. Learn more about lemon benefits.


For a healthy morning routine, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. This will activate your body while rehydrating your organism after a good night’s sleep.



3 / Ginger, a stimulant for your body


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Thanks to the many minerals found in ginger (calcium, magnesium, etc.) and Vitamin C, ginger is a good remedy for colds or tiredness. It brings back energy and vitality. Perfect to wake up in the morning, it is even more effective if it is used with lemon. This fruit is also a good cure in winter to fight against cold symptoms as soon as they show.

It is also recommended if you want to lose belly. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, because of its high concentration of gingerol. This helps reducing stomach inflammation, often caused by poor digestion. These effects can also be applied to reduce muscle soreness after exercises.


In the early evening, to relax your muscles and tensions, do not hesitate to make an infusion with ginger. Add 2 teaspoons of ginger powder, with some honey (or even verbena and cinnamon) to a cup of boiling water.



4 / Broccoli, armor against cancer


Crucifers, including broccoli, are known for their beneficial effects against many types of cancer. Thus, the myrosinase enzyme you can find in it is effective to fight against colon, lungs or stomach cancers. However, you should eat raw broccoli, or at least steamed one for less than 4 minutes, to maintain its effects. The addition of broccoli sprouts increases their effectiveness, thanks to their high concentration of this enzyme.

Broccoli is also a fairly recurrent food in slimming diets. This is due to its low-calorie rate (29 kilocalories per 100g). So, you will not take weight by eating it while providing to your body a high fiber intake, ensuring a satiating effect. Finally, it contains an impressive rate of proteins for a vegetable (almost 3%), making it an ally for any physical activity.


For a healthy summer picnic, cut fresh broccoli flowers and arrange them with carrot and cucumbers sticks. This would create a good first impression.



5 / Banana, smile provider


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A real must for athletes, bananas are indeed the fastest way to rebuild their stocks after having exercise. Indeed, it contains a high rate of carbohydrates. These are responsible for energy inputs, which have to be renewed after physical activity. In addition, its high potassium level is very useful when it comes to counteracting deficiencies caused by sweating.

Banana is also a symbol of happiness. Not only because it looks like a smile, but mainly for its molecule of tryptophan (protein). This protein, when ingested, becomes serotonin. The molecule produced plays a major role in moods/feelings and intervenes as a natural relaxant. That’s why you will be less stressed after consuming a banana.


Prefer to eat a ripe banana. It will be easier to digest and will contain a lot more carbohydrates.


To conclude:


The list of superfoods is endless. However, those mentioned in this article are the ones, in our opinion, that is very useful to strengthen your health while supporting you in all physical activities. Of course, we have not listed all their effects, so I invite you to read our other articles on the subject.


“Good Food makes Good Day”

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