“Why should I do some sport?” To this question, the answer is often really simple. “To be fit, stay in shape, etc.”
Yet, it’s more than that. Having regular physical activity has a lot of benefits, whether in terms of energy or well-being. Nevertheless, more and more people are not moving enough, or not at all. It can be for a lack of money, of time or motivation, so it often seems an unachievable goal. For many, doing some sport “is not for them”.

On the contrary, doing physical activity is essential in our everyday life. Here are 5 great reasons to no longer delay the practice of it!


1/ Sport: an essential component for your health


do some sport

The first obvious reason for doing sport is its effect on our health. Indeed, it helps us to keep our bodies active much longer. Studies have shown that practicing daily exercise for at least 20 minutes would increase our life expectancy by 30%!

This is due to the human’s natural tendency of mobility. However, our current society offers us the comfort of living which encourages us to limit our daily movements (public transport, home delivery services, etc.). As these technologies simplify our life, they make physical effort decrease. However, moving is essential for our body’s functions and its caloric balance (between consumption & daily spendings). The best way to do that is “to be our own transportation”, trying as much as possible to get around on foot or using a bike!


The phenomenon of settlement is also the cause of many health issues. Physical inactivity could favor up to 10%, 4 major nonhereditary diseases. Among them, you can find cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, or certain types of cancer. In addition, it promotes obesity, especially for the youngest. Doing sport, coupled with a good diet, allows on the contrary to counter many symptoms which are more and more widespread. It strengthens tendons and ligaments, increases glucose absorption or further reduces blood pressure. To be clear, it allows you to live longer in better shape, with a strengthened immune system. Not too bad, right?


2/ Sport: your wellness partner


do some sport

One of the many reasons that keep people from doing exercises is that it can often be seen as a constraint. For what reasons? Because it forces us to move? Because of a busy career, you don’t have much time? These reasons are only excuses compared to the necessity of doing some sport.
Sport as a “transport” (mentioned previously) is a part of us, our genetic code, like animals. It would be inconceivable for example not to eat, sleep or wash ourselves! And yet, moving our body is just as essential for us!


In addition, our brain and our body communicate constantly by nerve connections. As a result, practicing physical activity will release wellness hormones, the endorphins. These are very close to the morphine molecules. It can be said that it is the natural drug of the body. Thanks to these anxiolytic, analgesic and anti-fatigue effects, they gradually help us to like to play sports like eating, relaxing or making love!
Sports activities quickly become a habit that wants us the best. It will make you completely addict if you find a regular activity in which you feel good.


3/ Sport: natural anti-depressant


do some sport

The effects of sport are also very beneficial for fighting depression and stress. Indeed, his practice is a source of tension evacuation. “Let off steam” is more than just an expression. When we practice physical activity, we relieve tension, get off the stress. Moreover, thanks to the endorphins mentioned above, negative feelings are “asleep”. Because of their anxiolytic effect, anxiety is reduced. This can last up to 6 hours after exercising, depending on the intensity of the exercise.


But playing sports does not only have immediate effects just after the effort. It is also very important for our private and professional lives! A position that takes energy, time, which is stressing us?
Doing a regular activity will allow us to take a step back and allow us to understand more things. Very important to develop positivity in everyday life. Playing sports can improve our creativity or even see things from another angle and then succeed in making the right choices. Finally, we are often more calm and happy in life because we feel better in our bodies.


4/ Sport: the virtuous circle of motivation


do some sport

“Sport attracts sport”. This expression speaks for itself. The more you play at it, the more you want it. However, you have to start gradually with a simple and beginner activity. If you are not used to it, the opposite would be a mistake. If you start at a high level, you risk giving up or hurting yourself! That’s why starting with a personal trainer is very beneficial. The latter will bring you the motivation and the first coaching. Then, with this virtuous circle of sport, this external motivation will be brought by your own practice.

It is very satisfying to feel yourself growing in your activity. That’s why a much smaller progression is so good! To progress you have to try to push your limits, your comfort zone! For instance, every week, try to challenge yourself. You can practice the same exercise but with more energy, increase its amplitude 1 cm or hold 10 seconds more. This will increase your performance and you will see your well-deserved results arrive. Which will give you the motivation, and will positively influence your attitude, your speeches and your positivity in general. The latter will push you to open up to other activities, from which you might not have thought otherwise. Because motivation is not only in sport, we find it everywhere!


5/Sport: booster of self-confidence


do some sport

The progress achieved in the practice of a sport is very important. You deserved these results because of the investment you provided. By pushing your limits and your fears, you can be proud of yourself. This sense of accomplishment brings you many benefits. First, by achieving your goals, it proves that you can achieve a goal you have set for yourself. New confidence in you is born, applicable in all areas of life. In addition, doing a sport develops the knowledge of your body. The latter makes you feel better every day, which is strongly felt from the outside.

Thus, you are gradually more comfortable in your relationships. Indeed, every day, the sport makes you grow, you learn about yourself. Your well-being is contagious around you, which improves your relationship with the outside and inside the world. There is no more satisfying than to be in agreement with oneself. Being fully empowered is liberating and you will quickly feel that a whole new world is coming to you.


To conclude:


Benefits of sport are endless, whether for your health, morale or well-being. The state of our body is what defines our feelings on the world, so it is very important to take good care of it. The key is to do an activity that suits you and where you feel good. Whether it’s at home, on the street, or with friends, it’s always good to work out!

So just stay positive, do not let it go! You are on the right road!

“Your body and mind deserve the best !”

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