Alright, we are many taking the tube in big cities like London, New York or Paris. So you might daily commute to work with train or bus. In any way, you might have noticed that many people use their phone and watch Netflix or what they couldn’t have catch up that night before. Anyway, people get busy cause doing a tube commute is not that fun daily. 

So here we deliver to you 5 healthy things you can do in the tube 




Reading is a great for mental fitness. It helps you to relax, relieve the stress or put you into another space. Sometime fiction can be good to get out of worries. Good self development book could be great also. Of course that could be very healthy for your mind. But any book could help you to be healthier in your mind. What is good by reading proper books is that it put you off screens. We are too much into screens and technologies that having papers in our hands could be much healthier. 



Listen podcast 

Motivational or inspiring podcast can be good to listen in the transport. As it can be in the morning to give you a boost before working or when you re getting back home to relax yourself. This is a healthy thing which can help your mindset. After consistency by listening podcast you can help your subconscious and yourself to be more happy, grateful or motivate. Depends on the topic you chose to listen to. 

Listen -> Podcast on Pret a Train 



After reading or listening you could use another healthy thing like writing. Then it will again depends on what you write about. But you could definitely write your to do list of that day which can help you to sort out things to do and your thoughts. It could help to clarify your mind and help you to handle better work which can help to relieve the tension. Writing can be a good healthy things to do in the tube then.

When you are coming to work you can also write 3 to 5 things you ve been grateful for in that day. It could boost your happiness by being constant. Study shows that having a grateful list could help you to be much happier in your life.



Eating healthy 

Easy to think about of course. Having a breakfast chill at home will be much better. Nonetheless if you didn’t catch the time or if you need a bit of more food you could prepare a quick healthy smoothie. Take it with you and enjoy it during your journey to work. That will be a savory healthy snack to eat in the tube.

If you try to build mass you could have a protein bar for instance as well. Eating healthy food can happen anytime cause it gives you energy at that moment. 




Last one for the healthiest of you. As you know meditation can be very good for your health that has been backed by science for long now. What a best time to do a daily meditation! Many of you don’t have the patience to do meditation or they think it’s not productive. They might have too many things to do? However, what about you do meditation or simple breathing in the tube. You have a long commute where it’s not very enjoyable to work. So take advantage of doing something useful and healthy like meditating. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. In a big city like London, many people doing it already and it’s a great tip to be healthy in your mind and your body. 

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Commuting to work doesn’t have to be boring. As you can see this time can be healthy and productive. If you choose to do one of this option it could help you to release the stress of the day or boost you for your day coming. In any how there are many healthy things you can do in the tube instead of just staring at your phone.

Turn off your screens can be good from time to time.

Be happy, be healthy. 




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