Alcohol has been a part of our society for centuries. Whether you are accompanying your dish with a glass of wine or attending a party with friends, everyone seems to be having fun drinking an alcoholic beverage.

On one hand, a bit of red wine is tasty, can be accompanied by a good meal, and can have good properties like antioxidants. But on the other hand, we’re all aware that drinking too much alcohol could lead to serious health problems (cancer in most cases).

The least beneficial effects of alcohol are only noticeable with moderate consumption.

Let’s see the 5 health benefits to reduce your consumption of alcohol to improve every part of your health.



Better sleep

Sleep is an essential part of a good and healthy lifestyle.

Better sleep is one of the health benefits to reduce the consumption of alcohol. In fact, alcohol disrupts your sleep stage, especially during the second half of the nocturnal sleep period. This is the stage of the restful sleep.

At first, you might fall into a deep and fast sleep after you drink alcohol. However, the problem is that you forsake this important restful stage.

Drinking daily makes everything complicated. Alcohol can also cause insomnia and repeated waking up, thus increasing sleeping disorders.

Therefore, by reducing your alcohol intake, you will help your body to get every stage of sleep. You’ll let your body prepare itself for waking up easily and facing the stresses of tomorrow with a healthy mind.

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Lose weight

Firstly, an alcoholic beverage is made entirely of empty calories. It means that they do not provide you any nutrients. But on the contrary, they give you a huge amount of calories. Given that, alcohol beverages contain in most cases plenty of sugar.

In a nutshell, alcohol drinks bring nothing good in terms of nutrients.

It’s estimated that a standard beer contains 155 calories. A glass of red wine 125 calories, equal to 3 sugar cubes.

So, if you reduce your weekly alcohol intake by just one drink, you’ll certainly lose weight.

Drinking less also helps you to control your diet better. It’s a great benefit to reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Indeed, alcohol makes you hungry. During meals, it delays satiety, so that you continue to eat when you should have stopped a long time ago.

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Improve mental health

Another aspect as one of the health benefits to reduce the consumption of alcohol is improving mental health.

Alcohol seems to weaken or erase feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress for a period. It gives you the perspective that you can get rid of your problems more easily. However, this is a temporary effect.

In the long run, the opposite occurs. In fact, alcohol will increase and accentuate all your troubles. It results in obsession, thus makes it difficult to reduce alcohol intake.

Concerning memory, alcohol has a negative impact on it. High alcohol intake increases the possibility of memory disorders either in the long or short term.

However, this damage is not only directed at the memory. The person also thinks more slowly, orients themselves with difficulty, and his neuro-ability decreases. In short, it’s the intelligence itself that is deteriorating because of alcohol.

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Better skin

Alcohol has several bad impacts on your skin, hence another reason to reduce your consumption.

Firstly, alcohol promotes dehydration not only on your body but also on your skin. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol prevents your skin to receive the right and good nutriments. So it’s often recommended to drink a lot of water after a huge intake of alcohol. Thus, you’ll hydrate your body and skin.

Plus, alcohol consumption can let your skin with many physical inconveniences such as swollen rings, grey complexion, redness. These can persist in the long term if you maintain a high alcohol intake.

Besides, the other benefit to reduce your consumption of alcohol is about acne. In fact, alcoholic beverages are full of sugar. Thus, it increases the possibility of acne flare-up and damaging your skin.

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Save money

Last but certainly not least, the benefit to reduce your consumption of alcohol is saving money which can be healthy. By saving money you’ll be able to buy more organic food which will help you to avoid GMO foods.

Alcohol costs money. People that are used to purchasing alcohol don’t necessarily notice how high alcohol price is. Since the demand for alcohol is often high, the price of alcoholic beverages is high as well.

Reducing alcohol intake is thus a great way to save money.




Alcohol is surely a great thing to spend a fun and happy moment. Drinking a glass of wine or enjoying a tequila cocktail sometimes isn’t bad at all.

The main problem is to drink too much alcohol. Indeed, there are numerous health benefits to reduce your consumption of alcohol.

Improving your skin, bettering your sleep routine or your mental health is part of the positive effects to reduce alcohol intake. We can also save money or lose weight by reducing our alcohol consumption.

The key is to understand what is best for you and your body. Consider reducing the consumption of alcohol so that you can protect your body and enjoy a healthier life.



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