Are you currently tired during winter? Have you felt having less energy recently? It seems like after Christmas most people feel real winter fatigue. 

So if you feel this, first do not worry it’s pretty normal and you are not alone. And do not freak out there it is, some great ways for you to fight the winter fatigue.



Go to sleep earlier

4 ways to fight winter fatigue sleep

First, you should know that there are many health benefits you can get from sleeping earlier. So at night, try to cut any task which will make your brain in an alert mode like working, watching tv or using your phone. 

All these things will prevent you from getting the melatonin which is the hormone you need to produce naturally to have a profound sleep

By cutting every activity before you bed set time, and having dark room propitious to sleep, you will get a good sleep. So go to bed earlier as you usually do during the other season. As humans, we tend to forget but we have to be more connected to the season. Wintertime is for resting time. This is a first great tip to fight the winter fatigue. Try it and see how you feel. 


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Eat more vegetables 

During winter we are less exposed to the sunlight, thus to the vitamin d. In the UK the NHS recommended having vitamin d supplements during the cold season. What Pret-a-Train advise you to do is pretty simple: eat more vegetables. 

In fact, by eating more vegetables you ll feel more energetic as you’ll get the good vitamins from it. So put colours on your plate. It might be time to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Don’t eat less, eat enough good food. Having some healthy snacks during the day can be great ways to have constant energy as well. Make soup at night, to feel good for the next day and don’t skip breakfast when you wake up. Also, drink some water with lemon as soon as you wake up. There are many health benefits from lemon and that can be again a great tip to fight the winter fatigue. 




4 ways to fight winter fatigue exercise

I know and I’m sorry. You might be the kind of person who has a lack of motivation during winter. But the thing is you might have to force yourself cause it’s proven that by doing just a bit of exercise, like 3 times a week for 30mins, can make you feel better and energized during all week. So force yourself to do an activity which will boost your cardiovascular system or your strength. There are many mental benefits you can get from exercising.

And it’s especially during this time that you need to keep exercising if you want to have all the tools to fight this winter fatigue! 

So come on, stop being lazy! You are better than that! You can do it! And by doing all the things in this article you can actually have more motivation and do exercise naturally



Act energetically 

Studies show that by acting more energetic you can feel more energetic. So do not let the fatigue get on top of your mind. Repeat to yourself every day: I am energetic. Back up these ideas by implementing the other ways. Believing into is important and if you eat good, exercise well and sleep enough, you will believe that you are more energetic. 

Also, please give you a favour, get away from people who complain a lot about the winter fatigue by taking care of yourself with the previous points you’ve been reading. What you think you are. So think and act more energetically! Spread your positive vibe around then. 




Winter doesn’t have to be a complain season if you take care of yourself. Restore well. Protect your sleep more than during other seasons. This is the time where you need to restore for the all year maybe. Eat veggies, eat all the good things you can to recharge the batteries. Do exercise, force yourself, even go dancing it will make you move and burn calories. That is what count. Act energetically, don’t feel sluggish, be in your energetic bubble and spread the energy around. And here is the bonus tip if you’ve been reading until the end: smile often. Right, smile often you’ll feel happier and it willl help to feel more energy. Smile now. You see you feel good. Free and easy tips. This is how you can fight the winter fatigue. Hope that will help.




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