Pret-a-Train is a group of mobile Personal Trainers in London, qualified, professional, motivating and full of energy.
We are a group of experts in personal training, specialised in weight loss, muscle building, back problems and other chronic pain.
Our strength is the communication and the follow-up that we offer to our customers.
The training takes place in the London zone 1/2 parks, at your home or at your office. Request your trial session to discover our services.
Our goal is to bring you training and nutritional monitoring to achieve your goals!

Our mission:

Our first purpose is to help you achieve your goals. From this, we guide you to a new healthy lifestyle, with our advices and expertise. Muscle gain, weight loss or physical maintenance, we are at your disposal to help you achieve your objectives. The main concern for us is that your healthy lifestyle last and that you can feel great all your life. Then you can share it around you. 

Our customised programs:

Because everyone is different in their needs and goals, all our programs are personalised and bespoke. Combined with our requirements in terms of quality, our personal trainers will create your own exercises. Your follow-up will be composed by some physical training sessions, but also with nutritional advices all along the program. Measurement will be taken to track your results. We are not into fad diets, but rather in a long-lasting change of lifestyle.

Communication at the heart of our concerns:

We are characterised by a monitoring not only from your Personal trainer, but also from the entire Pret-a-Train’s team. Thus, we are listening to all your requests, comments or opinions. This allows us to answer perfectly to your expectations while offering the best possible service. It’s the real key for us to offer you what you really need.

We can adapt ourselves to any type of person:

We offer our services to everyone, of all ages or conditions. Because of our expertise and experiences, we are able to adapt ourselves if you have any special requirements in terms of health or needs. Because our personal training program are bespoke and adapt to any particular requirement as cardio vascular or chronic diseases for instance.

Personal trainers in London

Team of personal trainers in London.
Personal training in the parks, at your home or at your office.

We train people in any area of London zone 1 and 2. 

Let us introduce you to our Personal training approach.
We reckon It’s time to think about you.

“Be happy, be healthy”

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How does it work?

Step by step



Trial session with stretching
A short trial session with no commitment at a very low price to make you discover the way we work.



Little conversation around a cup of tea or coffee with our Personal Trainer
This is to know you better, target your goals, and decide what we are going to do together.



Program in the hands
We’ve decided about the goals, we’ve scheduled the sessions. Let’s do this, and start the good work !

So, are you ready to change?


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